The strongest clinical NLP APIs that deliver speed and simplicity

Natural Language Processing APIs that enable you to extract meaningful clinical entities from bundles of unstructured data, seamlessly.

Cinical NLP APIs

Extracting meaningful clinical entities from bundles of clinical unstructured data.

PHI Redaction API

API for De-identification of Protected Health Information (PHI), that strips all “direct identifiers” i.e all information that can be used to identify the patient.

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SnoMed & RxNorm API

Medical billing & coding API to inspect and extract Snomed CT and RxNorm identifiers using Natural Language processing.

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Loinc API

Clinical API that inspects laboratory test orders and results. Unlock medical laboratory observations for identifiers, names and codes using our NLP.

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Custom APIs

Tailor-made for personalized needs. Do you have a specific requirement? HealthcareNLP’s team of researchers and engineers will build it specially for you.

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Named Entity Recognition (NER)

Clinical NLP API that extracts medical entities, its context and relationship from large chunks of unstructured clinical data using Deep Learning NLP Models.

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Highly accurate API for medical coding that extracts billable ICD-10-CM and PCS codes from patient encounter documents at the click of a button.

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Healthcare NLP API to pull out procedural terminology codes from the document used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures.

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Medical coding NLP API for Evaluation & Management codes identified and extracted from physician-patient encounter documents and clinical data.

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Use Cases

Risk Adjustment

Improve your Risk Adjustment solution and capture every appropriate HCC code using our Natural Language processing, which supports a diverse set of clinical terms and provides high accuracy.

Fraud Detection

With the abilities of automation and machine learning combined together, auditing the medical claim & billable code is easier than ever. Let Artificial Intelligence ensure there are no discrepancies in the clinical code.

Radiology Report Classification

Turn unstructured, tumultuous radiology texts into well-summarized reports by putting it under the microscope of Clinical NLP powered tools.

Clinical Trials Management

We help healthcare professionals save their most valuable asset: time. Don’t spend critical time in assessing patient charts for clinical trials, let the Clinical NLP do the work for you.


We are committed to security and privacy

We are committed to delivering products, services, and solutions that are secure and reliable.
Our APIs are built to handle your data with the utmost care and respect for privacy.

Our APIs follow several industry-specific standards, including:

  • Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
  • Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)

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